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Husbands in tdcj and a staff member filed a false case and now their holding him longer. Can easily be proved false what do I do

New Caney, TX |

I have the information and can prove the case facts are all false. Because of this charge on him their not letting him out and won't review him for another year. I called the warden to ask them to investigate and he secretary supposidly gave him my info and to call me back and nothing has been done and no call either. I don't know what to do. The unit isn't helping at all.

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Attorney answers 1


He has no entitlement to parole - new case or not. The parole board makes the decisions.

If he has a new case filed on him, then he will be going to court (and will be transferred to the county in which that case allegedly occurred until the case is over.)

If he has a new case, hire a trial lawyer. If he is being rejected for parole, hire a parole lawyer.

Cynthia Henley



even if we proved it to be false and got it dropped it won't help him with the parole board sooner? how do I go about getting the case proved false?