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Husband was hit in my car, other party at fault but NO ins,can i file on my unins motorist for pain/suffering other md bills

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other party had no ins no licence incorrect tags no registration ON A MOTORBIKE. My truck will prob be totalled .2007 escalade less than 50000 mi. will my premiums go up if i file a claim for my husbands injury how does that work

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Access to your union police probably depends on what it provides. See attorney to review

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Union policy? this is a private owners policy, will this count againt my insurance premium? How can he get compensated for loss wages, pain and suffering,etc. My policy has 25,000 for uninsured and 5000 medical coverage. What should we do?


A lawyer in your state should review the coverage.


While I am not sure whether your premiums will go up, you can make a UM claim when the other driver is at fault and has no insurance or not enough insurance to cover your losses. Your policy may also provide for medical payments coverage which will also cover any medical expenses related to the accident. Your insurance company would also pay for the damages to your vehicle minus your deductible if you have collision coverage.

I would speak to an attorney who can review your policy and advise you on the best course of action.


Yes, you can file a UM claim and NO, your premiums will not go up as a result. Louisiana law does not allow an insurer to raise your rates for making a UM claim. You should hire an attorney experienced in auto accidents to help you.


If you have valid under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage you should be able to make a claim. Depending on the specific type of coverage you have, your claim may be limited to economic only claims.

I suggest that you have your case reviewed by an attorney who can verify insurance coverages and the specifics of your unique case. If you have any questions, regarding the specifics of Louisiana laws, I would be honored to speak with you about your potential claim.

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