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Husband wants to stop paying alimony.

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Husband has paid for 19 years and has been married that long. He states that I have increased my income and therefore don't need alimony. This in not true. My income includes my social security and the alimony he pays. He also wants me his attorney's fees.

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If you no longer need the alimony then he would be justified in attempting to reduce or eliminate alimony. Of course he will have to prove that you no longer need the alimony and if you have evidence to the contrary then you should be able to refute his allegation.

This is not to be considered legal advice nor does an attorney-client relationship exist.


Ok, so has he filed something or just threatening? He has a right to lower if he can prove a substantial change in circumstances. That usually has to be unforseen events - like you became a doctor earning a bundle of money or something. We offer free consultations in such matters.


The legal issue is whether there has been a substantial change in circumstances that would justify modifying the final judgment awarding you alimony. If you started receiving social security, that could potentially be a basis for a modification. You should definitely consult an attorney, because alimony modifications present a number of legal and factual issues.

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