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Husband severely injured in Texas, we reside in Louisiana. Can you receive anything from company other than WC, like settlement.

Deville, LA |

My husband was injured on a land rig. He has multiple injuries. We would like to know if WC is the only thing we can get and for how long? We took a great loss of wages from this injury & have been told by his boss that he would be laid off or fired!
Case manager is trying to get him back to work asap. Husband isn't improving much. PTSD back & head injury or the worst.
There are some things that the GB is disputing saying he has COPD which he never had problems with till his lungs were injured. Don't know where to turn. We have had so many attorney that will not take our case and we don't understand why. Our claim is being handled out of Victoria, Tx. We are scared that we will lose everything we have being that they will not help him get better. Thanks in advance.

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If you were injured on the job, workers compensation is normally the only viable claim. If your injury was caused by someone else, not connected with your employment (for example if a UPS driver was rear ended by driver not connected with UPS, you the UPD driver may have a third party claim. That is, the UPS driver may sue the non UPS driver for negligence and damages. If the UPS driver received money from the non UPS driver, then the employer would be entitled to some of the third party money to recoup their loss.

As for your workers compensation case, you should continue to meet with lawyers. If they do not take your case, politely ask why? PTSD and COPD are difficult to prove and costly to pursue.