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Husband 11-12 yrs did deffered adj on a drug charge went to county 30 days for dirty ua and rehab

Plainview, TX |

Now in the past months he has gotten 2 felonies burg or hab and 2 felonies of pg1 he admitted he has been shooting up and doing Ice for 9 months everyday all day should I tell lawyer all bonds were surrendered

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Not sure what you mean about telling the lawyer all bonds are surrendered. If he is on bond, then he is not getting credit towards any cases for which he is on bond, even though he is in custody. Sounds like he is not going to be getting out any time soon so if on bond, I would ask that the bonding company surrender those bonds so he gets credit.

Cynthia Henley


Should you tell the lawyer what? Does his attorney not know about all of his cases? The attorney does need to know about them so that they are all worked out in one way that involves the least amount of time possible. You want the bonds to be held insufficient so he is getting backtime credit on all cases. I hope this answers your question.

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I agree with my colleagues. follow their advice.