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My dad had an accident back in 2004 @ the exit area... I believe it's that part of the highway that makes it dangerous when it's raining. Since it happened again to a bus... I was wondering If I have a case or not. Please advise me. Thanks.

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Are you asking for the accident your dad had in 2004? If so the answer is no. The statute of limitations has passed for a personal injury law suit.

The information provided is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed nor should any such relationship be implied. The information provided is of a general nature is not intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney.


Where you in your fathers car, what was your age at the time of the crash? Likely, no. However, these and other questions would need to ge known.

Personal injury cases only; I'm good at it; you be the Judge! All information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. No attorney client relationship has been formed or should be inferred. Please speak with a local and qualified attorney. I truly wish you and those close to you all the best. Jeff


Your question is a bit confusing and it seems some key details are left out. Are you saying that you were a passenger on the bus that overturned on the freeway? If so, you should hire a personal injury attorney to assist you since cases alleging a dangerous condition on public property are very complex.

Or are you asking if you have a case in connection with your father's accident back in 2004? Were you also involved in that accident? In California, there is a 2 year deadline to either settle or file a lawsuit for bodily injury claims and/or wrongful death claims. Minors have 2 years from the date of their 18th birthday to file suit. You didn't provide enough info for us to figure out whether the deadline on any potential claim has already passed.


Potentially. Consult with a local personal injury lawyer to investigate and advise you and your family concerning potential options. Good luck.


2004 is way too long ago.


If you are asking about whether your father has a viable claim from his 2004 accident the answer is no because of the statute of limitations.

I answer questions on Avvo to try to help get you pointed in the right direction. But, I am not your attorney. Beware, my answers here are general, limited, incomplete, and can never be as complete, thorough, or accurate as one I would give to a client after hearing all of the facts and details of my client's situation and applying the correct law. Also, I am admitted to practice law only in California and all of my answers are intended exclusively for the Golden State.


Clear up the confusion, please. The statute of limitations is two years. If this is a new accident, consult a personal injury attorney.


Statute of limitations problem...


I drive north on that section of the interstate every day, and even without rain it's a traffic nightmare... cars crossing from left lane to right lane and right lane to left lane as drivers try to make up their minds about how to get on the 91 or stay on the 15... What a horrible accident... my firm is a couple exits south on the 15 from where it happened, and my office window provided a great view of the traffic snarls. If a person was injured in that bus accident, he or she should, immediately AFTER getting medical attention, contact a personal injury lawyer for a personal consultation.

- Paul

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