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Hows this plea deal sound for a 2nd dui in 5 years

Cumming, GA |

5 days in jail 12 months probation $1000 dollar fine ...risk reduction..alochol awarness class ...victim impact panel . and 2 AA meetings a week along with 240 hours community service.

Im trying to come up with a plea deal that I think the DA will accept .

Facts are I didnt blow so no BAC , I wasnt speeding ,I commited no other offences , I did no feild soberty test and there was no accident .

Just looking for a general answer if that sounds resonable or not . If not why ? Im not asking for a detailed answer just trying to get more of a feeling about whats typical for a dui case with those facts is plead out. PLEASE dont answer if your gonna say its impossible to say with those facts Im not gonna hold you to your answer I just wanna know if the sounds reasonable or

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If it is Forsyth County and you qualify for DUI Court, you will likely get DUI Court instead. There are other options if you want to discuss.


I agree with Richard Lawson's post that you might be facing DUI Court if you are in Forsyth County. To answer your question directly. Yes, that is a great deal. However, you will not likely get that as a sentence. It's a great deal for you. The prosecutor and judge will not likely think it's a good deal for them. You are usually facing more jail time on a 2/5 DUI. You also asked why it's not a reasonable offer. Prosecutors generally think that you are a danger to the community when you face your 2/5, and they are accountable to the community. They are usually of the opinion that a five day sentence will not get your attention since you didn't learn your lesson after the first DUI. You should really get a lawyer.


Both of these previous well-qualified attorneys have provided good advice. Knowing what to do is which court, with which judge and prosecutor have a lot to do with how a case gets handled. Follow their advice.


You really need a lawyer. I'm not even sure why you're mentioning a DA, since most of the time DUIs are in State Court with Solicitors-General. I see no mention of DUI Court, which is where most, if not all, not-the-first-ever DUIs end up in Forsyth County. Your deal sounds reasonable, but I see a judge imposing a lot more.

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