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How would my ilegal status affect my husband who is a legal resident??

Washington, DC |

Hello..Thanks in advance for your help!! I came to United States on January 2002, with a tourist visa and I stayed, I currently live here in U.S.
I got marry in March 2008 with a legal U.S. Resident, on 2009 we had a baby ( he is now 1 year old) he is ready to apply for citizenship..My question is will the fact of me being a ilegal resident of U.S. affect my husband's process of becoming a citizen? "I hope not" :(
in the application he need to put down my information! also what should i do after he sent in the application? will I be able to apply for a residence thru him,?? any tips or recomendations? thanks :)

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It should not effect his immigration matter and yes you probably will be able to apply through him. I have a lot of experience handling just these case, please contact me with any questions or if you would like a FREE initial consultation, you'll definitely want an attorney to guide you through this process.
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