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How would I know if the Attorney is busy or just doesn't want the case?

Harrisburg, PA |

I had a consultation over the phone with the attorney ; the attorney said they would take the case ; a retainer and fee was discussed ; and the attorney suggested I bring documents in person along with the retainer deposit . Since then , I have not gotten any response from the attorney . I sent an email , called and left a voicemail message . Am I expecting too much or have I been 'dumped' ?

The telephone consult was on a Thursday; a tentative plan to make the retainer deposit and provide documents for the case was expexted within the next week but the attorney has not been available to schedule a meeting to pay the retainer and/or provide documents. I've always believed attorney's expect payment 'now' that true? If not, is there a basic guideline (or time frame) to expect to pay a retainer and/or provide case documents or other items requested?

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I guess it depends on the time between the consult and now. In any event I would suggest that you continue discussions with other lawyers.


The bottom line is you don't sound satisfied or comfortable with his "representation" and he hasn't even been retained yet. I suggest you keep searching and find an attorney that makes you more comfortable.


Retaining an attorney is similar to hiring a doctor. You need to trust and feel comfortable enough with the attorney you hire that you can rely on the attorney. Good luck.

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