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How would I go about transfering a conservatorship from Oregon to Georgia

Dalton, GA |

There is a conservatorship in place in Oregon but the conservator is going to resign and be asking to allow me to take her place. I want to move the ward (My father) to GA to live in my home but am not sure what steps I need to take. Do I need to refile the petition here or can it be transfered after it is approved in Oregon?

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In Georgia a "conservator" is responsible for the finances and a "guardian" is responsible for the person. If the conservatorship in Oregon includes both (some states have a single designation that is responsible for both), you would want to have the Oregon court move the conservatorship/guardianship to you and then transfer the conservatorship/guardianship to Georgia.

If the Oregon conservatorship is only financial, you can still transfer, but if you want a guardianship as well that would be a separate matter.

It generally isn't too difficult to transfer the case to Georgia after you have been named guardian/conservator in Oregon.

Feel free to call my office and I can answer more specific questions if you'd like.