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How would I go about getting a proxy marriage, how much is the average cost and is it valid?

Lake Jackson, TX |

I live in fiance is in the army and is currently at Ft Lee, Virginia. I know proxy marriage is legal in texas so i was thinking of doing that. But I was wondering average cost, how to do it and is it really a valid marriage? if not, how do you make it valid?

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In Texas, any adult person can apply on behalf of an applicant who is unable to appear personally before the county clerk. An affidavit of absence form must be provided when you apply to the clerk's office where you are to be wed. The application fee for a marriage license is $60. Doing a marriage by proxy will probably add additional expenses but it can be done over the internet or a stand in can be appointed for the ceremony. It's would be valid if the clerk accepts your application and provides you with a license.

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