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How would i go about finding a ex district that is now a criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin?

Neenah, WI |

it was answered before by an attorney on AVVO website that for my particular case it would be in my best interest to find a " ex D.A"

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Not to cast aspersions, but I want to point out that the comment you're referencing was made by a California personal injury lawyer, not a Wisconsin criminal attorney, and I'd take it with a grain of salt, as this is someone who doesn't know the Wisconsin system. For the record, I'd disagree with his advice; I don't believe that an "ex DA" is going to necessarily better at navigating the criminal system than someone who's been practicing exclusively criminal defense for a while; in some cases, they may even be worse.

Given that I also answered your other question, I'm going to reiterate my advice from there: before you do anything else, sit down with your current attorney and talk to her. You're immediately writing her off without taking the time to talk to her about your case. It's been my experience that the clients who are most concerned that I'm not handling their case well tend to walk away a lot more comfortable with everything once they've had the chance to speak face to face with me, and I'm pretty sure every other attorney on here can share similar stories. You or whomever you're hiring this lawyer for is facing 40 years of time in the state prison system, and you need to be patient with the process rather than skipping around from lawyer to lawyer. Additionally, any lawyer who has a decent ethical compass -- which I'd say is crucial in a lawyer -- is going to ask you if you're already represented, and as soon as they find out you are, they're going to stop talking to you, since they're ethically prohibited from dealing with another lawyer's clients.


Try looking the attorney profile on AVVO, LinkedIn, and their website. Good luck.

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