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How would I best go about taking care of a speeding ticket and fix-it ticket both citing me for lack of proof of insurance?

Huntington Beach, CA |

Last month I was pulled over on the 405 for traveling 85 in a 65 zone, and was without a current copy of my proof of insurance. Within the time it took my insurance company to mail me an up to date copy I was pulled over once again, this time for the tinting on my windows and cited for both the windows and for not having proof of insurance.

I intend to fight the speeding ticket, I don't believe that I was traveling 85 and know that the officer did not use a radar gun to clock it, and also the flow of traffic was traveling much faster than 65. However, I'm not as concerned about the infraction as the insurance part of it. Will I have to clear it twice (once for each ticket)?

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Go to the court traffic window with proof of insurance and both tickets. They will clear them both at the same time and give you a court date for the speeding ticket. The Sheriff will inspect your car for the tinting violation.

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You will have to fight both tickets. Get your tint removed and correction noted by the sheriff. Bring your proof of insurance to both hearings. The officer probably paced you. Going with the flow of traffic is not a defense.


If the officer determined your speed by pacing (following you) as my colleague previously mentioned, you should seriously consider getting a traffic ticket attorney. I would not recommend anyone fighting a pacing ticket on their own. If you go to trial on your own, I would be very surprised if you won. If you do though, go to trial on your own and win, let me know. And I'm not talking about the old "maybe the cop won't show up" strategy. That's not a strategy. It's spinning a wheel at a carnival. Regardless, I wish you the best.

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