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How will my support to my husband change now that I carry family medical insurance?

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I pay child support to my ex-husband. He carried medical premiums for our 3 children at $0. He changed jobs and the premiums are now $245/paycheck. My employer premiums are $53.08/paycheck. How does this affect the support I pay him? Our PICS percentage is 70/30 (me/him).

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You child support order would have to be reviewed. It should not affect basic support. However, your ex could be required to contribute to the cost of health insurance for the child based on proportionate share of combined income.

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I cannot tell you how the dollar amount will change, but you should definitely run a new child support calculator to see how the numbers change. If your ex will voluntarily agree to paying you his pro rata share of this cost, you should enter into a Stipulation to Amend Judgment and Decree. If he won't, then you will have to bring a motion to amend.


If your you PICS percentage is 70%, unless otherwise noted in your divorce decree, you are responsible for 70% of the medical premiums.

I suggest speaking with a lawyer to evaluate your child support obligation in light of this change in medical premiums.

-Drake Metzger
Metzger Law Firm, LLC

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Hello. You should have an attorney review your child support obligation at this time. Child support is quite complicated. At times, there are valid reasons to request that child support be set at a sum greater, or lower, than the Minnesota state Guidelines. Your attorney will guide you and advise you. All the best.

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