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How will lawyers use the Gal recommedation during mediation? I am asking for complete use of my house, and full custody.

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Divorcing, we have a child, and house. Will have mediation next month. I have my child with me every weekend. Legal Ad Littem suggested that my child stay with me two more days during the week, and that both parents attend a psychological evaluation. The Gal did not buy my wife stories. Wife has been Baker Acted twice, one because of taking too many sleeping pills, second screaming like crazy to my five years old.

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There is no judge making a determination at a mediation. A mediator is only a facilitator. They do not take sides and don't make decisions. They are only to try to help you and your spouse try to reach an agreement.

I assume that the court appointed a guardian ad litem for the child. Typically the GAL has to participate and Sign off on the agreement reached at mediation .


I agree with attorney Valdes. Given the facts I urge you to hire local counsel. You want what's best for your child. An attorney can make sure the Court is properly and completely informed