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How will a DUI DWI conviction on my record affect my job application for employment?

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Does a DUI affect employment? I was recently arrested for my first DUI. I'm still waiting for the court date, and was considering a guilty plea, weighing the consequences.

Will a DUI conviction on my record affect my chances of getting a job in the future? If so, by how much? Someone told me that getting a job with a DUI can be hard. Also, how much will a felony DUI affect employment versus a misdemeanor DUI? Is this something I should hire a DUI lawyer for?

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The consequences of having a DUI conviction on your record depend on what type of employment you are seeking. Your first DUI should be a misdemeanor which isn't nearly as bad as having a felony on your record, so a DUI conviction shouldn't affect your chances of employment that much unless you're applying for jobs involving driving like a truck driver, cab driver, CDL, or for a position within the MADD organization. Most employers usually only ask about felony convictions anyway. But if they do ask, just be honest about it. Lying about it would come back to haunt you more than just telling the truth.You should definitely hire a DUI lawyer to make sure that you protect yourself and your future.


It is hard to ell exactly how a DUI will affect employment without knowing what you intend to do. One thing for sure, it won't help.

A DUI is a criminal conviction in most states. If your employer asks about criminal convictions this must be disclosed. Employers view DUI crimes more seriously than many other crimes because they indicate a possible alcohol problem for the job applicant. Employees with alcohol problems cost employers money because as a group they have much higher rates of on job injury, absence from work and poor job performance.

In certain occupations the effect of a DUI conviction is immediate. If you are a merchant seaman or have a FAA license you must report the conviction and there will be an investigation. Teachers and other school employees are often fired. Military personnel can be denied promotion, transfer to another duty station or schools. In some cases separation form the military occurs. Joining the military will require a waiver of the DUI conviction by the area commander. If you must drive for work you may be fired without the ability to claim unemployment.

I urge you to consult with an experienced DUI lawyer before you consider pleading guilty. See the link below for a lawyer in your area


It is almost impossible to predict how an arrest/conviction for DUI will effect your chances of employment. Some employers do background checks, some do not. If you were to plea guilty to these charges, you would be convicted of a misdemeanor in the State of Georgia. Obviously it is better to have a clean record than to not.

It is important to hire an attorney and discuss the ramifications of this plea. It would also be helpful to have an attorney specializing in DUI such as myself review your case to see if there are in fact any issues with the arrest, report, etc...There may be triable issues which could keep your record clean.

Regardless, you should never plead guilty to anything without at least understanding the ramifications of this plea on your record. Best of luck.


Most employers do background checks, and a DUI conviction will certainly show up there. Take heart; while the DUI never completely falls off your record , it does become less important over time. Most employers, for instance, only check three years of your driving record. Having said that, many employers will ask point blank if you have ever been convicted of a DUI. And you will have to answer "yes" if you have a DUI conviction.

You need a good DUI lawyer. Don't just plead guilty until you've at least talked to a few lawyers. Please read my blog
for more info on how a DUI can affect your future. You can also read my legal guide for what to look for when hiring a GA DUI attorney.


I agree with Jessica. As the years pass, the conviction will be less of a stigma. Good luck.

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