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How we get paid for the extra hours or minutes we work?

Hastings, PA |

What I'm saying is when we clock in and out of the computer we r not getting paid that way, we r getting paid only by what the owner gives us, so if I was told to work from 4-10pm and clock in 15 min early or clock in 15 min after we dont get paid for that, we get paid for only working the 4-10pm shift, and thats not fair.I worked for the subway company in Northern Cambria, Pa. for 6 years and I'm really getting tired of not getting paid by the computer hours. what do I or all of us do with out the owners finding out who said or told what. maybe someone should go to the Subway in Northern Cambria Pa. and find out whats going on.

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The situation you are describing is commonly referred to as working "off the clock" without being paid. Employers sometimes do this to avoid paying employees what they are owed. I strongly recommend you contact an employment lawyer who handles "wage & hour claims." Indeed, you may be entitled to receive overtime wages which you are being cheated out of when the employer fails to pay you for time working off the clock.

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