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How to win a phone hearing appeal for Florida unemployment claim?

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I resigned from my recent employer due to a statement by the Plant Mgr. that the Corporate Safety Director was out to get me. His actual statement was "watch your back, he is out to get you". When I addressed it with the director he stated everything is fine but his email responses to issues I needed assistance on were rude and not professional. I did not want to ruin my career with a discharge on my record so I resigned. Now notice of determination is claiming the reason for quitting was not attributable to the employer. Do I have a case for appeal?

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To receive benefits if you resign or quit, it has to be for a good work connected reason. Based upon your description it does not appear you had a good work connected reason. The Director told you things were fine. Unfortunately you may have acted in haste. You have the right to appeal, but I don't think the result will be different unless you have more evidence. Good luck.


Unfortunately your choice to quit may have ruined your chance to get UC even though somehow you saw it as a better way to keep your record clean. Were the emails admitted into evidence at the original hearing? Those are the basis for your upset right? If they were not, I would try to get them into the record in the appeal even though the Court may not want to consider them. Seeking the advice of an attorney who does UC for a consult would be a good idea.

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