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How to void a ratified contract.

Fairfield, PA |

the house we put a contract in on is now to small for my do i get out of it.

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That depends on the contract terms. If it allowed you to rescind the contract because it does not fit your needs, you can follow the notice procedures. Now, I would be stunned if your contract contained a clause like that.

You need to speak with a local contract lawyer so they can review and advise you of your rights and how to exercise those rights. This is not something to guess about and this cannot be answered based on posting one sentence on the internet. Good luck.

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You should consult with a local real estate attorney.

Whether you can cancel the transaction will depend on the language in the contract of sale.

There are typically several ways to cancel a contract including your inability to obtain mortgage financing or issues with the home inspection report.

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You most likely won't be able to. But have an attorney read over the agreement.

Good Luck.