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How to tell if my ACS case is open or closed NYC?!

Brooklyn, NY |

My child was removed from my home, rather than continue jumping through hoops with ACS (too long a story to explain here everything that went on, but I discovered how corrupt they really are) I signed over custody to a family member, which was approved in Family Court by ACS, The Judge, Myself, and the Child Advocate, custody has been finalized as of Sept. 2010, I have not heard from the agency or anyone else since January 2010. Is the case now closed? I want to apply for custody of my child but I am unable to find information on how to tell if the original case was closed or not. As long as my family member does not contest my petition I am told I will be granted custody but only if the case was closed (not sealed, just not open/active)

I am also expecting another baby and do not want them to take this one and I dont know if they can or not! All the workers/supervisors on my case were fired for falsifying documents so I don't know if that matters because my case must have to be given to someone. I am now married to someone else, living on the upper east side, my husband has money to support us and comes from money as well so I don't work, my whole life is different from what it used to be. I still see child regularly and stays with us during the summers (no school) the case is from 2008, I still have have ALL documents from the case and things I completed for ACS! We both want my oldest child living with us by next summer (when school is over so because due to this situation the child has adjustment issues and I dont want to further them) The bio father was seen as unfit so that is why my relative has care. Any advice PLEASE help me!!!!

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Contact ACS via the hotline and ask.



This is what I was trying to avoid.... that's like putting a target on your back for them to come looking for you. Terrible advice.

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