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How to sue for Libel and Slander in Washington

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I can't find RCW statutes for Libel and Slander online (Chapter 9.58.020 RCW) . The statutes have apparently been repealed by 2009 c 88 § 1. What does that mean? Is it no longer possible to sue for Libel and Slander? What statutes are now being used for libel and slander cases?

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The basic elements of a claim of defamation include; 1.false statement of fact2. published to third parties 3.which the speaker/publisher knew or should have known was false. Contact a local defamation lawyer in your city to protect your rights and reputation.


The criminal libel statute cited was repealed. A civil defamation lawsuit is still possible.


You can potentially pursue a civil claim if there was a false statement of fact spoken or published to a third party that caused you to sustain a monetary loss.

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