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How to stop a 24 hour notice to vacate

Jacksonville, FL |

I currently live , renting , in a home that went into foreclosure . The new owner put a 24 hour notice to vacate on my door . I have 2 small children in the house and cannot find a place within that time frame . How can I get more time to find a new place ?

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Your case depends on certain crucial facts. When did the new owner come into possession of the property. As a tenant, you have certain rights, protected by federal law, that prevents you from being immediately evicted from the premises. This law allows you to remain in the premises for the balance of your lease, if you have a written lease. If you rent on a month-to-month basis, you have ninety (90) days from the date the new owner receives a certificate of title to vacate the premises.

I would strongly suggest immediately retaining a local landlord/tenant attorney to assist you.

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