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How to start a community service outreach, affordable housing , payee services for all disabled through your existing church.

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I am wanting to start a non-profit agency. Using my mother's church we are already a nonprofit but did not file for our 503c as yet. The church as been in operation for 2yr and a month now. I have already form a board for the agency and in the process of renting a small office space. I am in the need for guidance on how to file for the 503C and how to add the agency as an extension from the church. I have a mission statement and vision for the organization. I'm need to find a lawyer that is willing to hear and guide the company in the right way. Can this be done?

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First, let me congratulate your and encourage the good work you are undertaking. Start with the IRS website. They have a step-by-step guide that walks you through the classifications and application process. If you get overwhelmed, an attorney or non-profit formation organization can help you The link is below:

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