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How to settle a PA Judgement that is on my Drivers License?

Frackville, PA |

I have a judgement from a car accident in 2001 and it has my license suspened. I cannot pay the judgement in full or even close to it. How do I get my license back? Is there a way I can make payments and it can be removed? Also if I file bankurptcy will that remove the judgement and will i be able to get my license back then?

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A bankruptcy will discharge the debt and so that should free your license.
However, before you do that, I suggest you speak with whoever is holding the judgment and see whether the would agree to enter into a sort of a payment plan with you. In this way, you may be able to free up your license.

Nima Taradji

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A bankruptcy should work, also some DMV may allow restricted license. Some states, Like California where I practice allow a stipulate for payment and unsuspend the license.

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