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How to restrict the father of my child to supervised visitation

Cleveland, TN |

Me and the father of my child has been together for her almost two years of life, we are no longer together and we had a agreement to supervised visitation because words out of his own mouth and i have text messages saying this he can not take care of her and he did not want unsupervised visitation... Now he is refusing supervised visitation and i am not comfortable with that every time he has ever tried to change her pull up he about pukes on her he can not give her a bath feed her or even change her clothes. My daughter is not comfortable with him she will not let him hold her she will not sit in a room with him alone she wont even call him daddy she calls him by his name any time she is left with him she freaks and goes into histarics hyperventilating... there is also more

He is almost 30 years old living with his mom and step dad no one in his family has even seen her in the past year she does not know them and is very uncomfortable with them she crys every time they are near. They are also a very racist bunch and i do not want my daughter learning those things for i am anti racial and have a mixed race family. The family is always slandering me and i dont want that in front of my baby girl. the father has a bad attitude and has threatened to put me in the hospital he also looses his temper with my daughter and curses at her if she does not listen he also curses at her and says he is going to smack her every time she calls him by his name but in my opinion that is not right she does not know him as her daddy and dont know what a daddy is and thats not her fault

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Get a court order as to paternity, child support and parenting time.

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he signed the birth certificate he knows he is that daddy and not denying it why do i need paternity test? and how do i get supervised visitation if he refuses

Nathan Zale Dowlen

Nathan Zale Dowlen


Without there having been a marriage, you still have to establish him as being the father legally, if you want a court order setting parenting time. Sorry that you don't like his family, but you really should have thought about that before engaging in activity that brought a child into the world.

Jill Zerfoss Grim

Jill Zerfoss Grim


You don't necessarily need a paternity test - you need a legal order declaring the paternity, i.e., father of the child. If your daughter's father signed a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity at the hospital, he has been established as the legal father; if you have a copy of that, I would attach it to any petition with the court. Under TN law, primary custody resides with the mother in unmarried situations, so you do not have to allow your child to visit with her father unless there is a court order to do so.

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