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How to request a psychiatric evaluation for court

Erie, PA |

I honestly think that m childrens mother has serious mental issues, I don't want to bad mouth her, she physically cares properly for the kids but abuses them emotionally. i dont even know if she realizes what she's doing, puts them down about their looks every time they leave my house, yells at them is they forget a pencil at my house, uses their emotions to get them to act however she wants them to. So far in PA i don't understand why i have to fight for the right to be in my children's lives, i am not even given the option to speak at mediation so i am at loss for words at what i need to do to see my kids. The psychiatric evaluation is not something I am making up, she was taking medications when we were together. please advise thank you

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Have you discussed your case with an experienced family law attorney? You really should. Many attorneys offer free consultations. One way to locate a family law attorney in your area is to use the Find a Lawyer tab on this site. Your situation sounds pretty complicated. I believe you can benefit from consulting with an attorney. who can evaluate your case and help you with requesting the psychiatric evaluation.

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It sounds like you need an advocate. I too recommend that you get a consultation with a lawyer to discuss the case in greater detail.


Generally there are two kinds of evaluations that can be requested in a custody case. You can request that their be a custody evaluation which would involve an evaluation of you and your spouse and possibly meetings with the children depending on their ages. At the end of a custody evaluation the evaluator will issue a report and state their recommendation for a custody schedule. You can also ask the Court to Order an individual medial examination of your spouse if you believe their to be significant mental health issues. In each case, a motion needs to be presented to the Court to make the request. You should consult with an attorney to see how to go about making such a request.