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How to report a probation officer for giving out confidential information?

Wichita, KS |

My father is getting released from prison to me. He had a probation officer that I knew so I asked if they could give him a different one, and they did but she had already looked up his information and told one of her good friends (which is my babys mom) that he was being released to me. Is that confidential information? And do I need to report the probation officer for giving that information out freely?

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I understand that the situation is upsetting. The parole officer should not be passing along information gained from her job. I am not aware of any law that she would have violated but it is probably a violation of state policy. I am sure you could file a complaint with her supervisor. I do not know if there is any liklihood of anything actually being done to her.

The real question is what benefit is it to your father, or you, to file a report. Talk with your father before taking this any further. He may want to start his parole off on a nice quiet nonconfrontational step. The truth is that there are often actions taken against us where the remedy only makes things worse.

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