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How to reply to divorce summons in NM

New Mexico |

I've just received a divorce summons from my husband. I live in Japan and my husband lives in NM. We have been separated for almost two years.
The summons requires me to "serve a pleading or motion in response to the Petition for Disolution of Marriage within 30 days".
How do I do this? Is there any certain form?
Also, there has been a delay in delivery due to post office's fault and it took almost two weeks for me to get it. Can I extend the deadline?

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Thanks for using Avvo. I am an Avvo Staff Moderator. To read more about our moderation team, follow the link below. Because Avvo does not yet have a lawyer directory in your state, you may not receive a lawyer response. My goal is to give you some preliminary information and guidance regarding your legal situation while you wait for an attorney in your area to respond.

I strongly recommend that you get a lawyer who can help you take the next steps, which is to file and serve and answer to the divorce summons. If you don't respond or appear, the divorce will proceed as uncontested, meaning you have no say in the process. The judge will issue a decision based only on what your spouse says or proves.

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