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How to reopen or appeal a case?

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I was convicted of stalking and harassment 2 years ago . I was under the influence of PCP when I was arrested and incoherent when I was sentenced 1 - 23 months in jail . Now , about 2 years later I'm doing very well and have been clean since . My 12 month drug binge left me unable to represent myself in court and the judge buried me . I feel that harassment over the phone wasn't stalking , and I was made an example of by the court . My public defender just let me run my mouth , and say anything I wanted unannounced to the sober me . I know I can wait ten years to petition , but is there anything else I can do ?

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Unless you have new evidence that was not discoverable at the time of your plea, all time tables to appeal or otherwise challenge what occurred have expired. At a future time you can attempt to petition for a pardon.


Your question is not very clear, but there does not appear to be anything you can do a this point-two years later. Maybe I of my colleagues will have a suggestion for you. I also don't know what petition you think you can file after ten years.



Petition the governor for a chance for forgiveness, so I can try and expunge my conviction. I just didnt know that harrassment over the phone was stalking. I'm upset that no one could tell I was insane at the time. I knew this question was a long shot, thanks for your help.


I’m not certain from where the ten year timetable is derived. If you are trying to file a petition for post conviction relief, you generally have one year from the date of judgment. Appeals are often shorter, normally 30 days from the Final Order.
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You have missed the deadlines to appeal or file for reconsideration. Congratulations on rehabilitating yourself. Keep up the good work.