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How to remove tenant from property under forclosure

Tamarac, FL |

I have a condo in Florida but the roomate who was living with me does not want to leave the premises and does not want to paid me anything.She said only the bank can get her out. Can I send her an eviction letter since I am stilling showing as the owner of the condo? What is the legal procedure.

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Until a Certificate of Title is issued (or you lose or transfer title some other way), you are the owner and can remove your roommate. The foreclosure lawsuit does not change your ownership interest, though a judgment may. Although more facts are needed, you may not be evicting your roommate, but rather "ejecting" her. Needless to say, it involves filing a lawsuit. For that you should contact an experienced real estate litigation attorney.

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Even while the foreclosure process is going on, you are still the owner. Until the foreclosure process is complete, it is still your condo and you can begin eviction proceedings. If there is a lease, non payment of rent would be a violation of that lease.

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