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How to remove someone from home who doesn't want to leave?

Oak Forest, IL |

I purchased a home. The mortgage is in my name only. I let a friend and 3 kids move in a year ago. No lease was signed. There was no agreement, oral or otherwise, as to when they would have to leave. No promises were made. They moved in on a 'friendly' basis. Their mail comes to my address. Things have broken down in the friendship and I would like for them to move. Can I simply tell the friend that she has to move and if she fails to comply, can I simply call my local law enforcement agency and have them removed? Are there any legal processes that I have to follow? Remember, there was no agreement between us as to when residency would end.

Thanks for your advice in advance!

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Certainly, there is not any problem in making the request. Unfortunately, if there is not compliance, you will have to follow the eviction process. Your law enforcement officials cannot do anything without a court order. Any action on your part to forcibly remove the occupants can land you in trouble.