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How to remove a broken lease on a credit report.

Las Vegas, NV |

Back in 2004 I lived in apt. complex in Las Vegas NV. My lease had ended and was on a month to month. Durring this time I had several issues with the property. The air conditioning unit would brakedown and it would take several days to repair it then it would break down again. I had a leak that went from the second floor bathroom to the first floor bathroom that they kept patching up but never repairing. The final thing was when I went down one morning my water heater had exploded and several inches of water was on the floor. I contacted the management and the only thing the did was pump the water out, pull the carpet up, replace the pad and put the old carpet back down. I left that weekend with no notice. Now I have it as mone owed to them on my credit,how do I get rid of it?

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The two quick answers are 1) contact them and agree to a settlement to pay them part or all of what you owe on the express contingency that they remove any and all negative credit information they placed on your credit report. Note I said 'remove' not 'report as having been past due and now paid'.
The 2nd option, and one that I'd suggest you try first, is to contest the legitimacy of the debt to all three of the credit reporting agencies telling them that the debt is invalid as shown and request that they investigate it. If they do not get a response from the creditor within around 30 days, then they'll remove it from your report. If the creditor (the apartment management probably) verifies the debt, then you'll need to take the settlement route. Otherwise, you wait until 2011 and it'll come off anyway.



I would like to know what happens if I pull my credit report and the amount owe to the rental property doesn't show up but if a property I apply for is able to pull the information. How can I dispute it if I don't know how much or who it is owe to?