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How to reduce my restitution amount? How do I get a reasonable restitution payment plan base on my current ability?

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I have almost half million restitution fee. CDCR and FTB added 10% and 18% collection fee, additional interest will keep going. FTB ask me to pay off within 10 days before they take legal action!!! The restitution that I owned is to pay Med-cal for hospital expense of my victim. My conviction finding from jury was not based on the fact. After I released from prison in very short period, my restitution already automatically increased 28% for collection fee. I am a single mother who has one child. How could I restart my new life, and provide my child a positive life support? Where is a little hope for me to pay the restitution base on my ability without my life and my child's life be destroyed? Thank you for answer my question, your help means a lot to me.

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Sadly your life, the life of your family, the victim, and their families’ lives will forever be negatively impacted by your actions. I do not know what you did to cause half a million dollars in restitution but I am sure the victim would rather have this never happen to them than have the money. If you feel the restitution amount is incorrect you are entitled to a restitution hearing. Understand that it is a double edged sword and the amount could decrease or increase.
Robert Driessen

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Mr. Robert Laurens Driessen: I am so grateful and appreciate your answer, and your valuable time. With my highly respect, I would thanks a million for your help

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