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How to recover property of deceased family member

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My father passed away 2 days ago. He was widower. He did not have anything of value except wedding ring and his car which is fully paid and in his name (I have title in possession). Car value is approx 5k. Car is registered in CA, he recently moved to NV and that is where he died and car is located. He had a will. It states ring goes to one son & other possessions to be evenly distributed between his 3 children. His gf at time of death refuses to turn over possession of keys to vehicle and denies having ring. I am worried about her illegally selling/destroying either before able to transfer title. Is there anyway to protect/remove car? Can we file theft charges? Is there something we can do about ring prevent from being sold if pawned

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She shouldn't be able to sell the car without the tittle. You may want to contact the police to assist in obtaining the keys to the car if you have the title in your possession. You may have difficulty getting the ring without knowing exactly where it is. Did your father have any bank accounts? If he had a joint account with his girlfriend it would automatically pass to her. If the account was in his name only you may be able to complete a small estate affidavit to transfer it and still avoid probate.

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