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How to prove to a judge that an email is authentic as in this day and age everything could be altered even after sending it

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my spouse has submitted a fake email supposedly from me, but I do not have any record of it, so what happens if I say that I do not have such an email. IN another email, which I did write, he has altered one word to suit his interest, and I was able to detect that by finding and reading that email I sent I guess this is a good thing for me to show that he has altered a word in my email, hence his other fake email bears no weight to me. So is it his obligation to prove the court that my supposed email is authentic or what...this is a domestic violence restraining order case against me. How should I go about his fake email, even though I can handle the altered email having evidence of it to be able to compare as I have. What are the ways to authenticate an email and is it difficult

P.S. If I do not recognize an email, am I obligated still or not to comment on it or regarding that email or can I simply say that i do not recognize that email and move on to the email that I do recognize. How does one, as a defendant, do in court in this situation.

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Here is a link which address email authentication, to save time writing this out:

Andrew Mark Jaffe

Andrew Mark Jaffe


Great article Christian - Thanks for sharing this.


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The rules of evidence baffle attorneys and even judges sometimes. You are liable to come to grief trying to deal with this issue without a lawyer.

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