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How to prove mother's health makes her unfit to care for child?

Columbus, OH |

My son's mother has been in and out of the hospital for several years now, but since the birth of our son 7 months ago, she has been in the hospital more than she has been home. She has a daughter from a previous relationship that I also am currently supporting. The situation has degraded to the point where I would like to get sole custody )or be named as the custodial parent) for my son and move from our home. What can I do? Will the state give me custody? Are her medical records enough? She is on a lot of medication and really doesn't take care of the kids. I take care of them when I'm home and have had to miss work a great deal for her health problems.

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Custody battles are never easy. The medical records are certainly part of the puzzle. Depending on the circumstances you may need to consider an evaluation of her ability to function/care for your child. Your county most likely has a procedure for a parenting investigation. This is usually the first step. I STRONGLY suggest that you seek a consultation with a local family law attorney and ultimately retain counsel. Then follow their advice and proceed.


Many factors. I need more information before I can an assess the situation.
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