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How to prevent my drivers license from being suspended in California.

Perris, CA |

I have 2 FTA's for speeding tickets in Kern County. I have a letter that as of 22Sep my license will be suspended and to surrender it to the courts. Both citations were originally for $393 as of 4/16/12 & 5/3/12. They are both $974. I spent 26 yrs in the Navy and retire honorably and I know that I shouldn't have been speeding. I am presently looking for a job and need my drivers license for interviews. Thanks

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You can prevent the suspension by paying the fines. You may be able to reduce the amount by going before the judge and asking the judge to reduce them.


It used to be you could go to the court, set a hearing date and then ask for an abstract to clear the failure to appear. With multiple FTA's, many courts will no longer issue the abstracts until after the hearing date occurs. As is the case, the rules and how they are applied differ from one court to the next. At the very worse, get the hearing dates set for both of them. If the letter is from the DMV, try and get abstracts from the clerk once the dates are set for the citations. You might, if you get to court early enough, ask for a walk in hearing as well. Best approach, go to court.

A proper response would require a thorough investigation into the history and background of this relationship. The information provided above is just that, information, to be used as you see fit.


You need to get abstarcts from the court and set the matters for arraignment. Once you get the abstracts the suspension will be lifted. You still need to deal with tickets. You could just pay the fines- but then you would get 2 points. Get an attorney to deal with this.

Andrew Roberts