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How to plea assault charge when wanting citizenship

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My husband was arrested for domestic and 5th degree assault against me . The per - trail is next week . The prosecutor is offering 12 weeks of anger management for him and 18 months of circle sentencing for the two of us to complete together . He would like to apply for citizenship but we don't know how he should plea so he doesn't have too many complications in gaining his citizenship . They were also talking about dismissing the charges once he completes the classes and circle sentencing . How does that effect gaining citizenship ? Last option was also to have the charges dropped down to a misconduct vs . the assault . Which would be better ? - - He is a good man deep down and I feel these programs will help him to get rid of his anger tenancies . Thank you for any help you can provide ! !

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Immigration issues can be complicated and you should contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible to review your husband's case in more detail. Domestic assaults do have an adverse affect on your immigration status. Your husband should definitely consult with an immigration attorney before pleading to anything.

Tim Coulter

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If he doesn't have an attorney he needs to get one. I will tell you right now that a plea to domestic assault with cause him immigration issues. There are alternative pleas that will not complicate his issues. Regardless, these are serious charges that should not be handled alone.

If you'd like to speak further about the matter you can call me at 612-223-7286.


It would be best to directly contact an immigration attorney with this question. I would imagine that if he actually pleas (stay of adjudication) as opposed to not pleaing (continuance for dismissal), then there could be ramifications. Again, please speak with an immigration attorney who can clearly answer your concerns.....better to know now than to find out later. I wish you both the best of luck.


Do your best to get a continuance for dismissal.

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