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How to petition court for adjudication of facts of parentage?

Victorville, CA |

I'm trying to change the father on my child's birth certificate. The father, child and I have already taken blood tests and now I need to change the birth certificate. I went to the County Recorder's Office and they only had the VS-21 Form not the Adjudication Form. I went to the Superior Court and they didn't have the Adjudication Form, the question is where can I obtain the Adjudication Form?

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The California Courts have them online, usually or call a family law attorney and ask for a courtesy copy.


The form you are after is a Judgment. A Judgment is an adjudication of paternity and is the actual order that is signed by the court. I do not know of any adjudication form.
If paternity has been established then just file for a judgment.
The court facilitator’s office should be able to assist you with this.



thank you.


What is a Declaration of Paternity form?
This form is to officially and legally establish who is the natural father of the child if the mother and father are not married. When this form is completed correctly and signed by both parents, it has the same effect as a court order establishing paternity for the child, without anyone having to go to court.

You may have an opportunity to complete a Declaration of Paternity (form CS 909) in the hospital if you are present when the child is born. If not, both parents may sign it at any time after the child’s birth. This form is available from the Office of the Family Law Facilitator or Department of Child Support Services. When the form is not signed at the hospital at the time of birth, both parents must sign it in front of a notary public and mail it to:

State Department of Social Services
744 P Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone Number:

A signed and filed Declaration of Paternity form gives a father legal rights and responsibilities toward the child:

He can be held responsible for child support.
He may seek a court order for visitation or custody of his child.

He will be waiving the following rights as they relate to the establishment of paternity:

Right to trial in court to decide the issue of paternity;
Right to notice of hearing on the issue of paternity;
Right to present and cross-examine witnesses;
Right to have an attorney represent him;
Right to have an attorney represent him if he cannot afford one in an action filed by the local child support agency.

You can get a Declaration of Paternity form from:

The Office of the Family Law Facilitator, 7th Floor at Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange
The Department of Child Support Services

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