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How to obtain the police report for review ?

Los Angeles, CA |

A couple years ago my wife called 911 requesting an ambulance saying I possibly was going to hurt myself.( that is what she claims). There was absolutely no reason for making this call .
Instead, I was woken up by the police and asked all sorts of questions.
They have spent half an hour speaking with her ( without me being present ).
I've just stayed put and kept quiet because my daughter was already scared enough.
The police, when leaving asked me if they could take the bullets for my gun ( the gun and the bullets were kept in the separate rooms ). I have agreed without any questioning because my daughter was on the verge of a breakdown.
Shortly after we have separated and now in the process of divorcing.
I would like to know what does the police report contains .

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You an make an open records request for the report and put the onus on law enforcement to claim an ongoing investigation exception to complying. It is unlikely they will invoke that exception, given the time that has past. You can also enforce the right to the request in Superior Court, should they interpose such an objection.

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You can't. Police reports are not public records so you can't just walk into a police station and get one. If no criminal charges were filed, a report may not have even been prepared. And of course when the police interview people they usually do not have anyone else present so as not to contaminate or influence the statement.

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First do you have an LAPD "DR" number which is essentially an incident number? Second do you have an attorney doing your divorce? He or she can request the report but if it did not result in a W&I 5150 hold there may not be a report. You can try calling records but without a DR number it will be tough so have your attorney try to get it then request it. Good luck.