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How to obtain guardianship of my granddaughter?

Muskegon, MI |

I had guardianship of my granddaughter til she turned 4. She has been living with my daughter and her husband. My daughter no longer wants my granddaughter, who is 9, in the house because they cannot get along. What do I have to do to get guardianship again? I no longer live in the county it was granted under. I live in MI. My daughter lives on one side of the state I live on the other.

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Attorney answers 1


If your daughter no longer wants your granddaughter in the house, it should be very easy for you to get guardianship. Have your grand daughter move in with you and then you can do all of this in your county's court. Your daughter can either sign over guardianship completely or can give you a "limited" guardianship. If for some reason she doesn't want to sign the papers you may need to go to court and have a hearing where the judge would decide where your granddaughter should live. There are SCAO forms that you can either get on line or at your local probate court and prepare yourself.

Good luck to both you and your granddaughter!