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How to obtain a restraining order?

Brooklyn, NY |

My soon to be ex husbands girlfriend is constantly harrassing me. Always texting my phone insulting me and my parenting abilities (mind you the courts took her kids away for neglect) I have to deal with this woman harrassing me at my job, calling all the time and then making my life impossible when it comes to the time sharing agreement we have in court. is there away that i can get a restraining order that she have no contact with me at all? she has also come to my house looking for me threatening to kick my a** and im 7 months pregnant. I have the text messages saved to my phone still. Also shes on probation for the next 15 years, any suggestions

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Because there is no "relationship" between the two of you, unfortunately you can't avail yourself of the family court. I would suggest, however, that you contact the police and file a report. You should also show them all the text messages and give them as much information as possible. If they make an arrest the criminal court will issue an order of protection on your behalf.


You can go directly to your local precinct and make a complaint or you can go to the District Attorney's Office, Complaint Bureau, and make a complaint there. Or you can go to Family court.


My suspicion is you can file for an order of protection against your husband/former husband. These orders prohibit third party contact. Then, when the honey accosts you again, you trigger the OP against him.

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