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My 3 year felony in orange county expired i owe 4,000 probation fees and now i just got a letter " Demand For Payment-- Court Ordered Debt Collection " i have no job, no money and no home so what are they going to do track me down and take the shirt off my back ! how can i dismiss this debt or is it just a matter of time then it's dismissed can they keep you from getting ca driving lic or etc ?

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This is the same as any other civil judgment. They can attach wages if you eventually get them, tax returns, etc. The judgement is good for ten years in California. However, in California judgments can be renewed every ten years so it can last in perpetuity if it is renewed.

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So long as you own less than the value and type of assets, you will be judgement proof even though you will have to argue about it. By the time you get back to a level of your exemptions, you might be ready to pay this off. $4000 is not much.

Further, reading from Kelly v. Robinson:

"Section 523(a)(7) preserves from discharge in Chapter 7 any condition a state criminal court imposes as part of a criminal sentence. Thus, restitution obligations, imposed as conditions of probation in state criminal proceedings, are not dischargeable. Pp. 43-53. "

Even if the fees were not related to restitution, they are not normally dischargeable in bankruptcy.

You may want to work out a long term plan to pay this $4000 amount off.

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