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How to marry a woman on B1/B2 visitor visa?

Brooklyn, NY |

I met a woman here in the US and would like to marry her. What should I do?
I am US citizen, she is from Russia.

Would it be better to send her back home and bring her here with K-1 Fiancee visa?

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You can marry her. However, I recommend you both meet with an immigration attorney prior to filing anything. It's important to review her immigration history to make sure that no issues will arise later on. Good luck!

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First, you should think it over twice before marrying her. At the very least get to know her for a few more months and if you are still tempted after that... pray.. and have a pre-nuptial agreement carefully prepared.

Be forewarned that if you don't yourself speak Russian or are unfamiliar with the culture & customs, you'll be in for a "heavy" shake up (shock? ruin?) as the "relationship" progresses.. Especially after the marriage and even before you file any paperwork on her behalf. Note that she will not need you to get her green card once you marry: all she'll need to do if you "refuse" to file papers for her is to hire an immigration lawyer from her own community (there are far too many, especially where you are) and successfully self-petition for a green card under the federal "Violence Against Women Act", where almost anything goes if the "victim" is a woman.. She will get her green card without you even knowing, and not too long after she dumps you.. A Russian woman is not for the faint hearted.. be forewarned. Especially so if there are vast cultural, educational and even racial differences.. If you are "rich" or well to do, on the other hand, you stand a better chance of making it last at least until she becomes a citizen...

If you still feel like marrying, then have her wait for at least 60 days after arrival in the U.S., unless you want her to be accused of having committed "visa fraud."

Once married, you won't have to worry about a thing.. She will most likely lead you to a Russian speaking immigration lawyer who "will take care of everything".. Unless she'll think you are well-off she'll want to take care of the attorney's and USCIS fees herself..

If you decide to go this route let me know 3 and 6 months from now how you came out.
Best of luck (you'll need it.)

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You engage in the same steps you would if she was not from Russia except for the last one listed below: 1. Propose. 2. Get her acceptance. 3. Get married according to the law. Visit Marriage License Bureau in the Municipal Building across the Borough Hall - second floor. Get a license and in 48 hours you will be able to come back to receive a certificate. Will need one witness for the certificate. 4. petition for her GC so she would not be deported or have to leave because her visa expired. In the alternative, start learning Russian as they do not speak English in Russia. If you decide to petition for her GC, best advice would be to hire an immigration attorney to assist you with the process. We have many good attorneys here in NYC. Good luck.

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