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How to make criminal charges go away?

Buffalo, MN |

false charges

can i have a sit down and just write the check and make them cough so they dont show

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Hire a good attorney and fight the charges.


You can't make criminal charges just "go away." You need to hire competent counsel that will defend you.


Or, if they are not current charges you may be able to seek an expungement of certain criminal charges or arrests, depending on your state laws. Call your state bar association for a referral to an attorney who handles expungements for advice if they are not current, otherwise as my colleagues said a defense attorney is your only option false charges or not. They don't just go away on their own without leaving a mess behind for you to deal with in the future.

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The fact that you want to write a chack and be done with it indicates this is probably a serious matter. Most of us don't just throw money at a minor problem. Cases go forward because there is evidence. Cases get dropped because of a lack of evidence. Once Misdemeanor or Felony charges are filed against you, you need a defense lawyer. HTH, good luck.

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Sadly criminal charges don't just go away. It takes time and commitment to get a good result in such a case. Call me and I will discuss the matter with you. Bob Adams. 763-682-0259.

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