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How to legally remove someone's personal property stored at my home?

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I allowed the previous owners of my home to temporarily leave some of their things in the carport because they were unable to remove everything according to the time given after the sale was final. This occurred in March, 2011 and now it is October and they have made no effort to remove anything. I talk with them on a regular basis asking when they are going to remove their things and remain to get the same answer: "next weekend". I need my carport space for my own us. This has been free storage for them at my expense. What are my legal rights to these things and how should I go about getting them moved?

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You need to give them notice that starting as of a point in time you will be charging them rent for the storage of these items and that if they are delinquent in the payment of the rent, you will auction off the items left to pay for the storage charges. I would suggest you get a local lawyer to help you draft the appropriate letters, demands etc.

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It does not sound like these people are tenants, or have any right to use of the space. Unwanted guests -and their property - can simply be removed. However, to avoid accusations of theft, I recommend that you do one of two things: 1) give them written notice that their property will be donated to charity on a particular day, about two weeks in the future, unless they retreive it before then., and then do it. Alternatively, you could 2) have their property delivered to their new address.

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