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How to legally remove a squatter from a home you own

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we own a mobile home that my step mom was renting from us,her son returns from jail and stays for a while, she finds a more affordable housing and son cannot go so he asks if he can stay but will get our as soon as it sells. have 2 potential buyers and he wont leave. what can we do since we mailed him a notice to vacate on 4-27-12 and he still has not left and states he wont. has not paid one cent since 4-24 toward rent, utilities, etc. also has a girlfriend there. place is in a mobile home park for seniors, no agreement w park for him to be there, not of age and we need to sell because space rent is high + utilities and he is going for a free ride. park manager aware and states even tho he is breaking all park rules, nothing she can do.....frustrated and nearly broke now help help help,

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You need to serve a 3 day notice immediately on both the ex-con son and "all unknown occupants". There are specific forms for this, and the procedure must be followed exactly or you will be bounced out of court. If you can scrape together some funds, there are lawyers who handle evictions on a flat fee basis, usually under $1,500. Just call your local bar association to obtain referrals. If you cannot even afford that much, go to library and check out a book from Nolo Press or Dummies on handling unlawful detainer cases. You can do it yourself if you have the patience and are willing to read the book. Just remember, you must follow the law to a tee or you will waste precious time and money having to do it over again.

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