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How to keep joint custody legal and physical of my child and avoid child support payment

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Going through divorce, being separated for years and since separation I have been keeping my child every other week. Soon to be ex-wife wants to keep agreement of keeping my son every other week but wants me to also pay child support. When my son is with me she does not spend any money on him, I provide everything he needs while he is with me, including Dr.'s appointments and daycare expenses. I don't think is fair that in top of providing for my child 50% of the support I have to give her money too. Is that legal?

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The answer to your question will depend upon how the court has classified custody of your child. Another factor that the court may consider is the income of the parties. Where there is a disparity in income, the court may still award support despite the fact that the parties share custody of the child. I strongly suggest that you contact local counsel to discuss the facts of your case and the appropriate strategy. Good luck.

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even with a 50/50 arrangement if you make more than her you will likely have to psy some support to her. Unless you agree together to keep support at zero. Contact my office for free consultation. 727-446-7659


As my colleague stated if you make more money than your Wife you still may have to pay some support. If you have at least 20% of the overnights with your child, it is considered substantial shared parenting. Your child support begins to decrease significantly at 20% of the overnights and continues to decrease the more overnights you have with your child. You would also receive credit for any daycare and/or healthcare expenses you provide. My office is located in Tampa and you can schedule a free initial consultation by calling 813-374-0353.