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How to I get retail theft expunged?

Wilkes Barre, PA |

Last year I made a mistake and was caught show lifting. The cops were called and I was finger printer and charged with a misdaminur. I pled not guilty to the arrest and then never heard anything back. I was never issued a court date and was never found guilty. I had my finger prints taken last week and it says that on my record I committed retail theft. I need to get this off my record to help me get a job and continue through school. How do I do that? And also how can a record exist if I was never found guilty?

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There are multiple issues. I am not sure of the result of your case. You may have been found guilty in absentia, since you never showed up again. It sounds as if you were not entered into ARD, which would keep your record clean and allow for an expungement of the arrest, because of the fact you claim you plead not guilty. If it was a misdemeanor, you cannot get it expunged. It will be on your record until you are 65, when you can get it expunged. However, depending upon the value, it may only be a summary. Summary offenses can be expunged after five years. You need to speak with an attorney and have an official criminal record ordered in order to determine what exactly is on there. Contact an attorney to get this done correctly.

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