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How to i get my medical records from a county jail including copies of my medication charts. hopefully without costing me money

Neodesha, KS |

i need copies of my medical records and the charts that showed what medications i was to receive and who handed them out. these charts are important to me to establish that i was supposed to be given certain medications for heart disease and on multiple occasions i was given the wrong dosages and staff refused to give me the right amount even though clearly indicated in the charts. the medical department and the jail have both refused to give me the information as it shows medical misconduct and negligence and have told me in written correspondence to get a lawyer and sue them if i want them because they will not give them to me. i need this information to even get a lawyer to show what went on over a long period of time and for a lawyer to take the case i need the information first.

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Attorney answers 4


You are entitled to your medical records. Consult with a local civil rights/medical malpractice attorney and they can get them for you.


In order to pursue such a case, you will need a lawyer, so you should consult a lawyer now. If you just want to get the records, you should write a letter to the jail and include a health authorization form which directs and authorizes them to give you the records. There will likely be a fee for copying the records. You should send the letter via certified mail. If you are still unable to get the records, you should consult a lawyer who can provide further guidance or utilize the courts and a subpoena to get the records.


You should probably find a lawyer that handles claims for civil rights violations and ask him to obtain the records. There is likely to be a copy fee for them.


A local civil rights lawyer can get them for you